Prayer and worship based on the Tabernacle of David

God is raising up prayer and worship that continues day and night all over the earth. His eyes are on Chicago. We’re saying yes.

Announcing Love Chicago – August 19-26, 2018

Our Vision

We believe that God has invited the Chicago land area to build him a citywide House of Prayer. We also believe that the Holy Spirit is highlighting the prophetic promise in Acts 15 in which God promises to restore the Tabernacle of David. Our desire is to present the priestly, prophetic and kingly dimensions of the Tabernacle of David as they relate to this day and night House of Prayer.

We strive to live deliberately as a prophetic community dedicated to one another and the Kingdom of Christ being established on the earth through continuous prayer and worship. We believe there will be the same power on earth as in heaven when there is the same worship on earth as in heaven.