What is the Sacred Trust?

The Sacred Trust is a commitment to pray. As an expression of our love and affection for Jesus, prayer is one of the ways we encounter him and invite him to change us in his presence. Believers will never live their full destiny in Christ outside of lives of regular, sincere prayer. The Lord will not release the fullness of his will outside of his people's prayers either. The Sacred Trust is built to safeguard our prayer lives by becoming a part of something larger than ourselves, and to keep the fire of prayer burning day and night. It isn't just about us, but about communities of people committed to establishing prayer as a normal part of our lives.

A Divine Commission
The Lord instructed ChiHOP to be a night and day house of prayer from the beginning.
Prayer will become the DNA of the church
God's biblical anecdote for the increasing wickedness in the earth
Luke 18:7
"Won't God give his chosen people justice when they cry out to him day and night?"
Join the Sacred Trust by committing to as little as one hour per week in the Prayer Room. We welcome all believers from all denominations and churches to grow your prayer life one hour at a time even if you don’t call ChiHOP your home church.
  • Sign up for 1+ hour per week during a time we are already open (Encountering God and FireWithin don't count)

  • Attend (or watch online) Encountering God each week

  • Attend monthly Sacred Trust meetings with fellow Trustees in order to get to know and encourage each other


Questions? Contact us here

We hope you find this information encouraging and challenging as we all grow together in Christ.