Highlighted Sessions

Encountering God | Mondays at 7:00PM

Encountering God is the foundation of ChiHOP’s corporate alter. When ChiHOP was just a group of people gathering in a living room on Monday nights, it was a response to people’s hunger for the Lord without pretense — it was simple and sincere desperation for the presence of God. We seek to continue this atmosphere of urgency in the hour in which we live so that each service is a call for individuals to cultivate intimacy with Jesus that inspires us to live deliberately. Encountering God Services begin with worship and end with teaching (often with ministry). Following EGS, we have fellowship in The Loft, which is our bookstore and café.


FireWithin | Fridays at 7:30PM

FireWithin is what happens when the Holy Spirit ignites a fire in our hearts with love for Jesus. The FireWithin sessions are a worship night with the focus of God’s divine invitation to come into His presence, contributing to the global prayer movement that He is establishing across the earth, until the Spirit and the bride say, “Come.”


The Bridegroom Watch | 4th Friday of Every Month

The purpose of the Bridegroom Watch is to stand in the night hour worshipping the Lord in the midst of the unfruitful deeds of darkness that fill our cities and communities: murder, sorcery, theft, and immorality (Revelation 9:21). We dedicate this time to standing in the Lord’s house as a beacon of hope in the night hour, placing another stake in the ground toward unceasing day and night worship.