Healing & Prophecy Rooms

“Jesus taught us to bring His Kingdom to earth in every arena. Through the Department of Prophecy, Healing & Deliverance we witness His Kingdom come in very tangible ways. My vision is for each heart that receives ministry to encounter the God who still speaks, the God who identifies and the God who has the power of turning ashes into beauty.”

– Kelly, Director of Prophecy, Healing & Deliverance (PHD)

Healing Rooms

We believe that Jesus, being the same yesterday, today and forever still heals today. We offer a safe, confidential and loving place for you to come and receive prayer. We minister salvation, physical healing and emotional healing to the whole person – spirit, soul, and body through the power of the Holy Spirit. The Healing Rooms are here for you. We will stand with you in prayer and in faith, believing that God desires to heal all those that come to Him.


Wednesdays, 6:00PM – 8:00PM (By appointment only)

Prophecy Rooms

We believe that God speaks to his people through his people. As the body nourishes the body, so the Holy Spirit nourishes us through prophecy spoken through other members of the body of Christ. Scripture says that we should not hinder the Spirit or despise prophecy. Through the Prophecy Rooms, we desire to be vessels by which the Holy Spirit to speak to His people and believe that prophecy is a powerful tool for the church to encourage and build each other up.


Wednesdays, 6:00PM – 8:00PM (By appointment only)
First Fridays, 9:30PM – 10:30PM (By appointment only – see below for details)

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First Fridays are a monthly celebration of God and fellowship in The Loft on the first Friday of every month. Pizza, snacks, and various beverages are available for sale, and during this time Prophecy Rooms are available. Sign up for First Fridays Prophecy Rooms is available the night-of in the front foyer of the Prayer Room.