Intro To The House Of Prayer

5 Week Class

Start date: TBD (Last class – Oct ’17)

Intro To The House Of Prayer is an entryway into understanding the roots of the prayer movement. Covering five foundational ideas and mandates found in Scripture, this class casts vision for the prayer movement, establishing basic truths and doctrine regarding the House of Prayer and how God is using the prayer movement as a modern-day preemptive strategy to bring His glory to the earth in the midst of increasing darkness as we draw closer to the Lord’s return.

If you want to learn more about the prayer movement, familiarize yourself with the topics below, or are new to the prayer movement, join us! Each class session will be followed by Q&A, giving you the opportunity to dig deeper into the topics in a classroom setting. Numerous staff members will be in attendance to answer questions and add to discussions.

Topics covered

The Tabernacle of David
Why Night and Day?
Intimacy: The Foundation of Sustaining Prayer
The Forerunner Ministry
Night and Day Prayer in the Generation of the Lord’s Return


Day and Time: Mondays, 8:00PM
Duration: 5 weeks
Class Schedule: TBD
Fee: $0

Interested? Let us know and we'll keep you updated.