ARK Ministries

A.R.K. Ministries was birthed from the desire to create a place where God could be encountered by all who sought him. This desire inspired both the Monday night Encountering God service and the Friday night FireWithin service – weekly meetings dedicated to the pursuit of God through corporate worship, intercession and in-depth teaching.  As these gatherings grew the vision of establishing a place of continuous prayer emerged.  After four and a half years of meeting in homes and hotel conference rooms the Chicago House of Prayer was opened to fulfill this vision.

A.R.K. Ministries is the foundation of the Chicago House of Prayer and all that led to its conception.  Its founding principles express the purpose and desire of the House of Prayer.  Adonai Ruach Kadosh – Our God is Spirit and Holy.  He desires worshipers who will worship Him in spirit and in truth.  A.R.K. Ministries exists to pursue the fulfillment of this desire.