Departments & Directors

The structure that supports the function

Founder & Director - Todd B

Todd has dedicated his life to seeing 24/7 prayer with worship raised up in the last days according to the promise in Amos 9:11 and Acts 15:16, and founded ChiHOP in May, 2000. He focuses his ministry on developing extravagant worshipers of Jesus who live out the first commandment first through the knowledge of the beauty of God. His teachings emphasize the revelation of the Church as the Bride of Christ and the fasted lifestyle of the forerunner. He deeply desires to see believers live whole-heartedly for God and boldly proclaim Jesus as Bridegroom, King, and Judge.

Assistant Director - Stephen P

Stephen is a vibrant leader with a contagious devotion to seeing God’s kingdom manifest first on the earth. From his positions on the worship team and as a teacher, he often brings forth the themes of victory through Christ, the power of God’s light to overcome darkness, and the Lord’s abundant favor given to the believer. Stephen has faithfully served in the House of Prayer since a lifesaving encounter with the Lord in his teen years.

Department of the Prayer Room

Paul P - Director

The Prayer Room is the focal point of the house of prayer. Paul oversees the day to day operations of ChiHOP’s Prayer Room, including all ministry within the Prayer Room and all maintenance needs. Ministry Leaders serving with and accountable to Paul are Section Leaders, Janitorial and Maintenance Team Leaders, the Service Coordinator, and the Head Usher.

Department of Education

Jonathan P - Director

The house of prayer is a training ground. Jonathan oversees all discipleship and education at ChiHOP, with a vision for extensive educational opportunities. These include internships, seminars, and children’s equipping, as well as online and in-house classes and training materials.

Department of Worship Teams

Katie P - Director

Live worship and prayer is the primary purpose of the Prayer Room. Katie oversees and schedules all worship teams for ChiHOP services and outreach events. Worship teams typically consist of a worship leader, prayer leader, musicians, and up to 3 singers. Katie also oversees auditions and training for team applicants.

Department of Prophecy, Healing, and Deliverance (PHD)

Kelly C - Director

Prophecy, healing, and deliverance are integral parts of the house of prayer. Kelly oversees these areas, training and scheduling teams to minister in the Prayer Room, during services, and during outreach opportunities.

Department of Justice Initiatives

Vicky M - Director

We desire to join 24/7 prayer with 24/7 acts of justice. Justice flows from the place of prayer, and as we cry out for justice, we receive his heart for issues of injustice in our city and the nations. The Department of Justice Initiatives provides opportunities for Prayer Room Intercessors to participate both in focused intercession in the Prayer Room and acts of justice in the Chicago area.

Department of The Loft | Bookstore & Café

Daniel P - Director

The Loft is an integral part of the community at ChiHOP, providing a place for visitors, students and staff to mingle and become better acquainted. As an extension of the Prayer Room, the Loft’s Bookstore offers vast resources to enhance understanding of the House of Prayer, grow deeper in the Word, and further relationship with the Lord. The Café creates an environment of fellowship and ministry to one another.

Department of Audio & Visual Media

Jonathan P - Director

The Department of Audio & Visual Media is responsible for all applications of audio and/or visual media at ChiHOP. Key areas include configuring, maintaining and operating equipment in the Prayer Room pertaining to live sound, the projector, and video recording.

Department of Public Relations

Jonathan P - Director

The Department of Public Relations handles all public communication. This includes ChiHOP’s website, online communication, social media, emails, signage and printed material.

If you would like to learn more about a department, or are interested in getting involved in one of these departments, we’d love to hear from you! Please contact a department director using their contact email address.